Thursday, February 2, 2012

My baby girls

*Please dont let your child play with plastic bags!* haha She is only allowed to do that under my strict supervision! I promise.

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day. Little Mia Wants to Play!
We've had a whole week of rain. And its not like the girls go out and play in the front lawn or anything but it sure has put a halt on our daily walks around the neighborhood. We've ran a few errands so we've gotten out of the house a little. Surprisingly, they've acted ok. Ive tried to keep them entertained as much as I physically can. They loved it when I put on a video of theirs, pulled out their special chairs, popped popcorn and make a soy/fruit smoothie. Loved it! haha They thought that was such a treat. First time they've had popcorn as a snack. In the meantime we run up to the windows when the rain is coming down and watch it for a little while. Then we hide in our tents so we dont get wet! haha They are so much fun (as long as they aren't biting each other or hitting each other in the head with legos....)

Oh Charlie Bean.... this child is so much work. She is by far my most "into everything" child. Recently they all have learned how to climb on the couch whenever they want. Which is fine, really. Except for this Bean. Now she wants to climb on all the limbs and the back of the couch, which she KNOWS is NOT allowed. In all honesty, it took everything I had not to bust out laughing during this whole episode though...

She climbs on the couch, so proud of herself, smiling. I smiled back and said "good job Bean!" She then, with her smile and eyes still on me, stands up and straddles the arm of the couch. I said "No baby, dont sit on the couch that way." So she stands up again, and (with smile and eyes still on me) proceeds to climb up the back of the couch and then HANGS OFF THE BACK! I look at her, holding in my laughter, and said "You're going to fall Charlotte and it will hurt. I told you not to do that" She's looking at me and all i can see are her eyes and fingers hanging on. It looks like she's hanging on a cliff. She KNEW she had gotten herself in a pickle. So being the sweet, rational mom I am, I grab the camera instead of her. I wanted her to figure this one out hoping it would deter her in the future.... she landed in the box of stuffed animals. She just laughs like "Oh yeah!" Little stinker!


  1. Pictures of the three of them looking out the window... adorable.

  2. Ah! That video (and the pics): absolutely adorable! I miss those girls so much. They are growing up so fast, and I'm not there to watch it! :( I just want to snuggle them so badly right now, it's not even funny.

  3. Can I just say again that she reminds me alot of her daddy????? We love all three of your gorgeous girls and miss them! Momma Toone