Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mimi and Poppy

I just love seeing them sit in their chairs watching a movie. So cute.

Ab. I. Gail. This child... Wont leave a bow in her hair to save my life! Frustrates me so much.

Before church. Love these dresses! Rainbow girls.

It was so warm outside, mom INSISTED we feed the girls outside. HA! They seemed to enjoy the change. Maybe one day when i have a house with a beautiful back yard they will have more to look at besides yucky neighbors and concrete...

Abigail woke up from a nap with the most hilarious bed hair! It was so funny. We all died laughing. Caught her in a yawn on this picture.

Abi signing "Mom" I guess to help brush out that crazy hair... haha

Mimi spread out the soft blanket and they LOVED touching it and sitting on it. So cute. Poppy playing on the floor with them.

While Mimi was getting Mia loving!

Abigail missed daddy the most and was attached to Poppy the whole time. She loved playing with his pocket watch.

Charli covering Mia with the animals.

Awe... "Sorry Mia for covering you up. I love you!"

What a week we've had! Jared left on Thursday for Utah and got back on Sunday night. Luckily my parents were able to come into town on Wednesday and stay until Monday night. The girls missed their daddy for sure, but they LOVED having Mimi and Poppy here, so did I! I just love love love having my family here. We had a blast with them. We went to the park every day that we could; it rained a couple of days. The girls love the park. They sign "swing" over and over and just scream with excitement when we pull into the parking lot. Its hilarious! Mostly we hung out around the house or the park. But the girls just loved having all that attention and love.
I was so nervous about nighttime though. Usually Jared is "on duty" and goes in the nursery if one of the girls wakes up crying so I can have a break. But since it was all on me I was pretty anxious about it. To my surprise and delight, they did phenomenal. Except for maybe once or twice I didnt have to go in there at all! It brought out a possible theory: we think the girls wake up at night so they can have more time with daddy. Very possible... and kinda sad/sweet.
It was so sad to see Mimi and Poppy leave. As much as I love having them here, I HATE saying goodbye. Thank you both for coming and being such an amazing help for me. They left exhausted I know! Always playing with the girls or helping me clean something. Two of my favorite people.

With the constant rain last week, I had to get a bit creative. We played dress up in our tutus from Halloween and watched clips of Disney princesses on YouTube. They got to be princesses for the afternoon with crowns and everything. HA! I think they liked it.

Unfortunately I missed the first reaction Charlotte had to the scarf around her head. It was hilarious. She kinda leaned forward and just froze with her eyeballs looking around like "what do i do now." It was so hilarious! But here was her second reaction. Still cute!

Mia started talking up a storm this past week. She will try to say almost anything once and if you praise her enough she will try again and again. So cute. She said Poppy so much while they were here. Started Mimi, mama, daddy, bathroom, bobo (I freaking love my moms reaction in the video when I try to get Mia to say it on camera! hahaha), bedroom, bath, ect... like i said, she will try to say anything once and its jus so cute to listen to. My babies are getting so big!

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  1. Oh my gosh, so cute! Mia talking -- AHH! I am freaking out. So CUTE! Man, I miss those girls!