Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Triplets are work!

This child is more interested in climbing EVERYTHING than anything else. Ive had to move these chairs, no telling what else Ill have to remove to keep her from breaking a bone...

Poor Mia's head after Charlotte threw her sippy cup at her. (oh yeah, someone was in time out for that one!)

Just a lazy day...

My sweet Abbi. I love her pointing her toes in this picture! haha

My girls have been talking up a storm this past week. Mia will try to say just about anything now. Cracker, water, daddy, momma, poppy, mimi, grandma, grandpa, dog, bath, bed, love, Jesus.... the list goes on and on. And this week Charlotte and Abigail have caught on as well. They say Mama and dadda well. The rest of the words are just kinda mumbled jumbled... haha but they are trying which is progress.

We've had some rough patches this week. One day Jared actually came home too ALL of us crying. They were so fussy all day and no matter what I did I couldnt keep them happy. It was awful. They were just crying so much from crankiness and I still had to get dinner ready and the house was destroyed.... all the angles of the Bermuda Triangle aligned and I lost it. LOST IT. Holding one baby, one hanging on my shirt and the other at my feet (all crying) and I decided to join them.

Another day they slept a total of 40 minutes during their nap! So knowing I would not be able to handle them like that, I called Sarah up and thankfully she was available within the hour. We took them to the park and saved the day. (She leaves for Idaho in April by the way so Im starting to panic.) Another example, we were all having a great day and Mia and I were laying on the blanket being silly when Charlotte throws her FULL sippy cup at my head. Hit me on the eye bone and it hurt so bad, it brought tears to my eyes. As I was catching my breath that child grabbed ANOTHER FULL sippy cup and threw it at Mia's head! AGH!!! I dont have enough eyes and arms for this job! Its just too much sometimes!

I just hate having days like that much less a week. The girls are usually so good up until about 4 pm. I have been begging and begging Jared to start coming home an hour earlier and he said he would talk to his boss. We are still waiting to hear back about it. But this would make my life a million times easier. MILLIONS!

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