Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our week

We've had a pretty good week this week. On Monday, Jared was able to take off work a little early and we took the girls to the park, since it was raining on Saturday. They loved it! What a treat for them. And we had the entire park to ourselves. It was awesome! Great day!

My studious little Abigail. When I get the books out for the girls they usually just sit in the middle of the floor and basically take each others book over and over. Well Abbi had the brilliant idea to take her favorite book "Away in a manger" to a secret location. She wasn't disturbed the whole time! HA! She's a smart one!

We bought the girls some crocs from Target on Saturday and oh boy am I glad we did. They are getting tired of their tennis shoes because they are a little small, plus they hate socks. So these shoes have been awesome! They love having them on. And theyre so cute!

We also got these dresses for the girls on Saturday. Jared saw them in the store and said "we HAVE to get these!" haha They are so cute and these girls turned some heads at church. They were just precious looking. I put their hair up with bows and everything. (Abbi fought the bow but we compromised with a rubber band.) We even let them play in the nursery for about half an hour. They loved it.

And finally today I got brave, or stupid, and took the girls to a bounce house. I dont know why I did it. Im sure I will regret it in about 48 hours when I wake up to crying and find out that they are all barfing in their cribs. Guaranteed. But I thought it was time to let them out, little by little of course. Charlotte and Abigail were in heaven. They loved it. Mia, on the other hand, I guess was too overwhelmed. She would NOT let me put her down. And she would throw down every time I HAD to. Wore me slap out. To top everything off I locked my keys in the truck! I called Jared so frustrated but thankfully he told me that he had put a HideAKey under the truck. Thank goodness!! Thats my baby. The bounce house wore this mommy out. I just hope I dont regret it, with an incoming sickness. In retrospect it wasn't a terrible experience. It would have been a lot easier with Jared there though. I'll remember that for the future. Here are some videos from our adventure. Enjoy!


  1. how fun! You were so brave!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't pick up any bugs at the bounce house or nursery. momma Toone

  2. Ashlee they did GREAT! So did you! Mia was the only one who was just maybe a little overwhelmed! Those other two were going to TOWN! It was adorable to see there excitement and curiosity come out!! And I'm VERY proud of your husband for the hide a key thing! SAVED THE DAY!!!