Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marathon #692 Complete

Jared handed me a dirty Charlotte as I handed him a clean Mia during bath time tonight. She was in full throw down mode. Back arched, red faced, screaming. I felt like I was trying to hang on to a wild rabbit by his feet. When I got her to the changing table and took off her shirt, I saw so much poop that had ridden all the way up her back. I guess I would be a little upset about that too! I got her cleaned up and in the tub but as I kept bathing children I kept smelling poop. Thirty minutes later, girls in bed, I'm cleaning up the kitchen, dishes specifically, and I still smell poop.... What the heck? I raise my shirt to my nose and breathe in. Holy.... heck.... There was a good four inch smear of, you guessed it, poop right where my nose had sniffed.

After I very quickly stripped off that shirt and got my gag reflex under control, I just giggled to myself. Adding that poop incident to wiping three very runny noses all day long I started singing "Im sexy and I know it..." bahaha Everyday of my life is a marathon. Thats the best word I know to describe my day-to-day. So this marathon is complete... and it was a dirty one. HA! Thought I'd share.


  1. Sexy indeed. I love your attitude though! lol

  2. Oh, Ashlee, I just love you. You're great. :D Happy poop-on-the-shirt day. This post has me giggling like mad.

  3. Ha! Reading this Im not sure if it was clear that this was Charlotte's poop... not Mia's. Just for my own personal reference.