Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is pretty much how we've been all week. Im embarrassed to say that "Little Einsteins" and "Blue's Clues" have saved me more than once a day this week. They didn't want to play or do anything. They just say "Boos Coos" or "Rocket" over and over. So I was inclined to give them what they wanted to save the peace. Desperate measures and all. 

Random, I know but I loved how I did Mia's and Abbi's hair for church on Sunday. So grown up!

 Love it!

Gorgeous (and grouchy) Abbi

My sweet Charli Bean with a runny nose

Pimpin her hat, runny nose and all. Bahaha love this picture!

My poor Abbi after the splash pad on Sunday. This was such a low moment for me. I totally should have put 2 and 2 together and realized she was being so whiny and fussy because she felt like crap. Then I stuck in the freaking blazing sun heat for an hour and she about passed out. Agh... very low moment for me and my sweet Abbi.

This has been our only "outside time" this week. Sit on the step, look outside and watch people. Im ashamed to say I did this a few times with tears down my face because I thought I was going crazy. Such a rough week...

Another trick up my sleeve this week was breaking out our Aquadoodles. They would take them to their chairs and draw and "chat." So precious. Lasted a good ten to fifteen minutes. Ahh peace.

Dressing up little Bean. Love that baby!

And here's Moe and Curly... oops I mean Abbi and Mia. (tehehe) Gorgeous as well of course!

And here's all three stooges, oops I mean girls admiring their beauty in the mirror.

We did capture some fun times at the splash pad. Mia and Charli were enjoying themselves.

Charli looking to squirt someone. Anyone. HA!

Abbi saying "Nope, not going in there and getting wet and you can't make me."

I love this look on Charlotte's face. Its like she's saying "This is TOTALLY awesome, mom!!"

Sorry these pictures are not in order and are just all over the place. But its late, Im tired, the girls are asleep and I am soon to follow. If it bothers you that much just think "church, splash pad, the rest of the week." Thats the order the photos SHOULD be in. Goodnight and here's praying for a better week.

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