Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Hard Week

Holy moly what a week! Just awful. Talk about fussy temperamental toddlers! It really started on Sunday. Before and after the church the girls were so whiny and fussy, so we took them to the splash pad to get them out of the house. But even there, Abigail did not want to play or run around. She just wanted to sit in my lap and whine. We were there for about an hour and when we got home she just laid on Jared and would not move. She was snuggled in a blanket and looked awful. She ended up with a fever (and of course my thermometer broke so I had to borrow my neighbor's). So I had my poor child in HOUSTON HEAT for an hour and turns out she was so fussy because she was SICK... Yeah, Im a genius... 

Well that has just been the start. Turns out the girls have "Fifths Disease." Never heard of it in my life. But apparently Jared brought it home from Utah during one of his visits. Charlotte mainly has had a major cough that is just heartbreaking and now they all have that, plus a super runny nose. But Abbi and Mia have taken turns with fevers and such. Not to mention the rash that comes with this sickness. They have been so clingy and needy and fussy this week that there were times I actually lost my mind. I did. Like I lost all grips of common sense and reality. I had to step outside, shut the door and take deep breaths of fresh air (or semi fresh since my new neighbors smoke like chimneys.... yeah nice huh?) Its not that I don't want to take care of them when they are sick, and snuggle them and rock them and sing to them and cater to them. Because I do. I just physically cant do it to THREE BABIES AT ONCE! I cant. And inadequate doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I have as a mother when I just cant be there for all three... Exhausted. I am so exhausted. Jared is so exhausted. There were nights when they would take turns being up for HOURS! When we literally got a couple hours sleep. 

To top off the nightmare that was my week, my mom had to go to her doctor and turns out she has a blood disorder that attributes to her anemia. And that particular blood disorder can't be around people who are infected with..... Fifths Disease. Can you believe that?! So my months worth of planning to see my family for Memorial Day Weekend and be there for my nephew's baptism down the drain. Gone. I still haven't stopped crying about it.  I was so looking forward to it. Remember we were going to see them at Easter, but my parents were in a motorcycle wreck, now the girls are sick.... 

And if you thought that was enough, hold the phone. My grandmother was having shortness of breath a couple of days ago and we all were just cringing at the thought that her cancer could be out of remission. They went to the doctor within HOURS and had the necessary tests. Thank GOODNESS her cancer is STILL in remission!! However, she needed an angioplasty the next day. So we were praying for her constantly and worried sick about her. Thankfully, she did beautifully and is recovering very well. She was even able to attend my nephews baptism as planned. She's my hero! I adore her so much. I can't hardly stand to think about her in any kind of pain... more tears....

So talk about one emotionally and physically draining week. Just one thing after another. With this sickness the girls aren't supposed to get "hot" and since its 89 degrees by 10 am here, we've basically been under house arrest all week. Sanity check please! Everyday they are getting better though so I have high hopes that this week will be much better than last. My mother in law and sister in law will be here Friday for a week, so thats something to look forward to. The girls will so enjoy that. 

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  1. These kinds of weeks are not for the faint of heart. This is why I'm not the least bit ashamed that we don't get the kids even near nursery during the winter months, or anywhere public, really. My friends think I'm weird, but they have no idea what I'm up against when triplets are sick. Insanity is definitely the right word for it. Hopefully things are getting back to their already chaotic, but at least a little bit manageable, state!