Friday, May 18, 2012

Too cute for words

 My poor Mia fell and hit her head on the frame of the gate on our stairs. She hit so hard, I felt so bad for her. Poor baby.

We have been spending part of our afternoons outside in our backyard lately and the girls love it. I bought some sidewalk chalk and since there isn't a sidewalk in the backyard, we draw on the garage and the fences. They have so much fun! Unfortunately, the wood on the fence is so old, splinters are becoming a problem. I hate renting...

 Abbi and Charli taking a break in the shade. Its so hot in Houston. 90 degrees today, PLUS humidity. Im all about southern heat, but being this close to the coast is a nightmare! Which is why we only stay outside for no more than an hour. They get so red faced and sweat that we HAVE to go back in for some AC time.

Abbi has become my second little songbird (Mia being my first). Her favorite song right now is the ABC song. So cute!

This was SO hilarious!! Charlottejust walks around all day doing the motions from the book you saw in the last post. This was her doing the donkey kicking his leg. I was rolling! She is such a ham!

And here is another video of my little mommies. They are so sweet with their baby ducks.

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  1. Our poor Mia!! How is she doing today? Thank you so much for sharing these precious videos with us. We love watching the three sweet girls. Grandma and Grandpa