Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girls' 2nd Birthday!

Finally!! Yeah!! Here is the post of the girls' two year birthday party. We decided to celebrate on July 4th this year (their birthday is on the 6th) since it seemed to work out better for the family we had coming in. The weather was so great. Overcast, warm, windy, so great! We started our birthday off perfect by hitting the splash pad/pool! The girls loved it. We spent all morning there. Afterwards, was a much needed nap time. Then it was presents! That lasted for a good while. HA! They got so many awesome toys. Then we grilled up some super yummy food, had cake and ice cream, baths and bed. All in all a great birthday.

We had Mimi, Poppy, (& Sophie of course), Aunt Randa, Natalie and Nicholas here. It was hard. It was painfully obvious who was missing from our family and it was silently breaking all of our hearts. But we pushed on and put on a wonderful birthday for our little angels. I honestly did not want to do the decorations and the party and the "song and dance" as it were. No one did. But my mom insisted we do it, for the kids. Not just mine but Randa's too. Celebration is hard when your grieving, almost impossible. But we did it that day and Im so grateful that we did. The girls had probably the best day of their lives and I could see it all over their faces. From the beautiful balloons and decorations, to all the attention they were getting to ALL the amazing new toys. They were just beside themselves. And that made it worth it. But not one minute went by that I, and certainly all the grown ups, didn't swallow back that sob because our Nathan could not be there. Im afraid that is how it will be for a long time... 

Our "Balloon Rainbow!" Rainbow was the "theme" this year and Mimi and Natalie did a wonderful job with this idea I found on Pintrest (of course).

Rainbow colored streamers were a must. The girls were just in awe. HA! 

Cousin Nicholas teaching the girls how to use their new kitchen. Thanks Grandma &  Grandpa!

I think Nick had as much fun with the toys as the girls did.

Mia with the new shopping cart. This hasn't been as big a hit as I thought. It tips over a lot and scares the girls but I think they will get the hang of it eventually.

Above: All of our loot! My girls are so very blessed with family who love them so much.

Below: Grandma gave the girls these beautiful bracelets, which they just loved. Unfortunately, they are a little big and slip off, so Im saving them until I know we wont loose them!

Cousin Natalie was sweet enough to give the girls her old Minnie Mouse doll for their birthday because she knows how much they love Minnie Mouse! Thank you sweet girl! They love her!

Above (Mia) and Below(Abbi): getting into the new books!

After enjoying our inside presents we took it outside to see what Mimi and Poppy got for us! A new play house! They love, love this thing so much. Its pretty awesome!

It even has a mailbox! Tehehe

Also from Grandpa and Grandma was this totally awesome slide Abbi is climbing on. This is now inside our house. After their  birthday, it rained for like 2 weeks straight, so I brought it in so they could play with it and they just love it! HA! (We wanted to bring in the play house too, but there's just no room! HA!)

Below: Our yummy BBQ! Grill BBQ chicken, burgers and corn on the cob. So yummy!

Ok, so the story with the cakes..... It was my original idea to do the girls own little individual cake, instead of a slice of cake or a cupcake. I made 2 circle cakes (I used Funfetti since it is a rainbow theme after all) and then I got a biscuit cutter, cut out the circles, layered them, ect. THEN Mimi got the idea of making different colored icing for in between the layers.... Good thought, in theory. However, it just kinda ran together and it was a lot of extra work for nothing. It turned out looking tye dyed more than anything and I tried to salvage it with some sprinkles. Honestly, they were hideous. But they tasted good and I learned a lot about icing... HA! The girls didn't seem mind...

Ms. Abigail in the party hat. HA! Loved her cake!

Ms Charlotte enjoying her yummy cake too!

Ms Mia had no complaints about how ugly her cake was! HA!

I made an individual cake for Nicholas and Natalie as well. 
I also made the adults a layered funfetti cake to share. We were stuffed by the end and had major sugar rushes but what a day...!

Like I said, the girls enjoyed themselves more than I have ever seen and Im so glad my mom pushed me to make it special for them. They don't understand what we are feeling. They only know they had an amazing day with their family. And thats how it should be at this age. Im so grateful Maranda was brave enough to come and do this with us. She is by far the strongest person I've ever met. I adore her so much and have such a great respect for her after all of this.

As I mentioned before, it was painfully obvious who was missing the entire day. We cried after Maranda and her kiddos left and my girls were sound asleep because the hole in hearts is so huge, there was nothing else we could do. Above is the picture I took this year for the girls birthday. Below is the picture I took last year for the girls' birthday and I cry every time I see the difference... Its just not fair. Its just not fair.

Here are the videos:


  1. Man, this post makes me nostalgic. I keep thinking about their last birthday party. I wish I could've been at this one too.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this fun day!! We wish we could've been there. How fun to see them enjoying themselves so much. We love you, Grandma and Grandpa