Monday, July 23, 2012

Silliness and Grandparents

Here are some great videos of my girlies.

Charli can do flips. So cute.

I FINALLY got Mia to sing all of Twinkle Little Star. HOORAY!

So... Charlotte for some very strange unknown reason calls Abbi, Bahum. HA!? Where did it come from... NO IDEA. But she does. And she can say "Abbi" she just chooses to call her Bahum. Hilarious!

 Where's Abbi? HA! Mia decided Abbi would be funny looking under all these stuffed animals. HA! Silly girls.

 Messy girls. Mamaw made spaghetti and the girls ate some yummy noodles.

Love this beautiful girl (Mia).

 This picture is so funny because Mia was sitting and snuggling right up next to her papa skip and as soon as I grabbed the camera to take the picture she moved away like this. HA! Little Stink!

 The girls absolutely loved having their great grandparents here! So did I too! Poor mamaw worked her little bum off. Made dinner, cleaned up, entertained babies, ect. I know they were both exhausted by the end of their week here. I was able to go to the temple, go shopping ALONE, I had such a great week. I love these two so very much.

 Awe! They STILL ask "Where's Papa?"

 Katelyn, my cousin, was able to come with the grandparents and spend the week with us! We so enjoyed having her here and she was a great help with the girls who of course loved having the extra attention!

So sweet! Papa with Mia.

 I made play dough! I dont know why I was so excited about it, but I was. It was so easy to make and turned out awesome. The girls loved it!

We put a table cloth over the coffee table and got out the cookie cutters and rolling pin and had a good 45 minutes of fun!

 Katelyn brought her IPAD with some pretty neat Fisher Price Apps that kept the girls entertained. They loved it!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Charlotte didn't have a miss mommy melt down with other people there. Maybe it was just a weird little stage when Lisa and I were there? So great you got to get out and do some things, Ashlee! We love those girls! Grandma and Grandpa