Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jared's birthday

I did NOT feel festive at all for all the birthdays coming up. I had more things that I originally planned but this was all I could manage. We went to the Bounce House with the girls in the morning and they of course LOVED IT. Jared went to the temple during the girls' nap and we had cake when they woke up. I blew up 30 balloons and wrote an accomplishment or goal that Jared has on each one. It was supposed to be this beautiful floating bouquet... but I forgot that balloons only float with helium. All well... Still cool idea. My friend Karlee very generously offered to sit with the girls while Jared and I went to a movie for his birthday. Its been like over a year since we've done that. It was nice. We saw The Avengers and we both loved it. It has been out for so long that there wasn't hardly anyone in the theater so it was extra nice. I don't like crowded distgusting places. We didn't get home till about midnight, which is insane late for me. But I think he had a good day.  

Yeah so my cake was uneven.... but still was so YUMMY! Thats what matters right?

 Cake looked better all lit up with 30 whooping candles! I can't believe how fast time goes.
 We thought the smoke detector would go off... HA! But it didnt.
Absolutely love this picture. My sweet man and daddy's girl Abbi.

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