Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mimi & Poppy's Visit

My parents were able to stay almost a week and we loved every second we got with them. I just love being with my family. I hate hate hate living this far away from them. Its been so long since they were here, I cant remember what all we did. I know we went to the splash pad a lot. And took walks around the block. Just things here and there. Mostly just played and enjoyed one another. Love these two people. And so do my girls!

 Poppy and Abbi, snuggling.

 So we knew the streamers would get pulled down eventually from the birthday party. But Mimi got creative and we had an Indian party (I'm convinced this is what cause the rain to stay for like 3 weeks, they were dancing around and hollering like Indians so it made a great rain dance.)

 Mimi getting Mia all dressed up.

 Even poppy joined in the fun. So did I but im never in the pictures since im always the one taking them.

 Dont forget Charli!

 My three little indians. (That sounds like a book....?)

 Charli's orange band.

 Abbi doing her best Indian yell. (Can you say "indian" these days? Is it still not very politically correct? I think its supposed to be Native American... I dont know. How about Lamanites?! HA!)



Mimi feeding her girls

 Poor Sophie waiting for a crumb to hit the floor. I bet this dog was ready to get home at the end of that week. My girls wore her smooth out. Charli especially just loves her so much.

 Here's our slide thats now an indoor toy! HA! Yeah Im running a nursery out of my living room.

 Coloring with Mimi

 Charli getting quality time with poppy!

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  1. We're so glad you got to have your parents come! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Grandpa and Grandma