Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sundays and Potty Training

"These are a few of my LEAST favorite things..." Seriously though, Sundays are basically a nightmare. And it makes me so sad. I used to love Sundays. Then I became 5 months pregnant with triplets and couldn't sit in those uncomfortable pews for 3 hours and my feet would swell to insane squishy balloons. Since then.... Sundays are just an exhausting day of events. Now, its a battle for 1 1/2 hours to keep three toddlers entertained QUIETLY so that EVERYONE ELSE can enjoy the sacrament meeting and the talks and the Spirit. Then, it would be great to send them off to nursery so I could at least enjoy class. But nope. Ms. Charlotte wont be left alone (even though both her sisters are in there) so poor Jared has to stay in nursery the entire time. Then we get home almost 2 hours past their original nap time so they are cranky and sleepy and full of over stimulation. Then they wake up 2 hours later and the rest of the day is a race to see how long Jared and I can stand to keep them up, since they wont go to sleep 2 hours after a nap... Anyway, I just miss Sundays. I miss Sundays so much. Makes me cry.

Now, a monkey wrench in my life, potty training. Im seriously stressing over this. I mean, not really the actual training part, but more about how life will change once they are trained. I have a system. Anyone who knows me KNOWS they can set their clock to the things we do during our day. Now, its all going up for a loop. We have decided that next Friday is The Day. We will do the three day program (friday, saturday, sunday) and hopefully by Monday we will be done! HA! Right... 
For those getting ready to train as well, here is a list of things I purchased. First thing, 65 pairs of underwear. Thats a lot of underwear folks. Cleaned out Target and almost Wal-Mart. Then we got three of these toilets and two of these toilet seats (one for the upstairs bath and one for the downstairs bath). I also got two of these for each sink so they can wash their hands and two of these so they can step up obviously. I threw in three of these just in case of accidents in the car and one of these for the diaper bag. Yeah I spent a little money but I really think I will need all of this stuff. And of course I bought several little prizes for when we have our successes! Wish us luck, pray hard, and keep checking back for the results!


  1. Bless your hearts, the lot of you, as you start this adventure of potty training!! Your precious little ladies are sure to catch on quickly!!

  2. Fantastic idea to have a "to go" potty seat. It's really hard taking little ones out because the potties are so big and sometimes so dirty. I know you'll have your trusty wipes to wipe down the to go potty!!!! We are so proud of you! We hope you all survive the weekend and that things are going well. We love you, Grandpa and Ma

  3. Take heart... yesterday I was amazed at how quiet Sacrament meeting was. AND I think maybe you should go to church for those of us who have fun watching your cute girls!!! I LOVED watching one of them try to lead the hymn and then Jared helping her lead in 4/4 time! (I don't know that Jared should have inadvertently let me know that he knows at least a little about music! HAHA)

    The time will come when they are older and you have the opportunity to sit quietly during church... but then you will be so trained to not sit still that it will be impossible to sit and just listen!!! ;-) LOL!