Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mac rules all... sorry Windows (you stink)!

I am so sorry it is taking me SOOO LONG to get the birthday postsup. AGH! What happened is Jared bought a new computer for his birthday, turns out... WE HATE IT! I think we've been much too spoiled with MAC and Windows just irks us to pieces. So we are taking it back. The problem is that the MAC has literally completely run out of storage so I cant upload any pictures or videos until we get the new computer... Im so sorry! Im hoping by next week we will know something. 

In the meantime, lets talk POTTYS! TEHEHE Yep, its about that time. I told myself when the girls hit two years old we would tackle this head on. Ive found the program that I like and bought most of my supplies. All I need is like fifty pairs of underwear (GEEZ!) and some small "surprises or treats" and we are set to go! I could not be more stressed out about this. But they are ready so Im holding on that knowledge as I go forward. I literally can find NOTHING online about training triplets. Zilch! So a huge concern is doing it one by one....? or all at once.....? any suggestions? 

My MAJOR, NUMBER ONE hang up or hold back is my greatest fear... that this is a gateway... Meaning, since Im potty training them does that mean they have to go to toddler beds... and if they go to toddler beds, do they have to be split up now.... and if they need their own room, I will have to buy a house as my town house only has 3 bedrooms TOTAL.... HOLY COW! You see my stress right...? yeah Im just feel like Im doing the Tangled scene where the Viking guy tells Ryder "Arms in, Head down, Knees Bent..." haha Not really knowing whats happening or what will happen, just doing it cause its going to save my tail. Anyway... I am planning on documenting exactly what I do and what I use, ect. I think I have several multiples moms who read my blog and I have had the hardest time finding info specific to triplet potty training I want you guys to learn from my experiences. Thats the main reason this is a public blog anyway.

I also wanted to post the stats for the girls' 2 year check up before I forget and who knows when I'll get the photos/videos up. There are a lot of them...
Charlotte- 35 inches, 31 pounds
Abigail- 35 1/2 inches 33 pounds
Mia- 35 inches, 32 pounds
They are just perfect in every way and I can not believe my babies are two. I can see them as little ladies already and my heart does loopy loops. Im just beyond honored and humbled to have these real life angels in my family. I adore them with my whole being. 


  1. Potty training, whew! You can do it!

  2. You are brave!! I vote for 3 potty chairs. Hearing tickling may want the other 2 want to do the same. Grandma