Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last night was a lot of fun for Jared and I. We made plans to have dinner with my friend Kimberly and her husband Tyler. It was really great to be able to see her before we leave in a week. We met at Texas Roadhouse and hung out for a little over an hour. Short but fun. On our way home I wanted to stop by the new Shoe Carnival that just opened up in Provo to check it out. But Jared really had to go to the bathroom so I said Fine we'll just go home then. But he knew I really didnt want to go home that early on a Friday night, sweet man, so he pulled in to Shoe Carnival. He practically ran to their bathroom while I roamed around. Once he was done, so was I. The store wasnt very impressive to me. As soon as we were about to leave, who comes in but our great friends Cali and Geoff. We were both thinking about how much we'd like to hang out with them too, but Im sick (yet again) and I knew I started feeling bad at night time. Anyway, long story short we decided to all watch a movie at their apartment. She had just finished painting their bedroom so I got to see it. It was so pretty. I loved the color (roadster blue). 
Jared and I just laughed at how funny it was that Cali and Geoff came to the same place we were at the same time. Of all the places in Provo to go.... it was very cool. I may not miss Utah, at all.... but i will definitely miss my friends. With all my heart.

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