Wednesday, April 15, 2009


At first glance you may think these are old photos from the winter. But you would be painstakingly wrong. These pictures were taken today, April 15th. Thats right, snow in April. This is beyond the point of ridiculous. You might remember my previous post where I divorced this state, washed my hands of it. Well, its acting like a jerk exboyfriend who has to say something horrible every time you see them. Girls, you know that boy Im talking about. Well my ex (Utah) is saying : "HA! I got you one more week and Im gonna make it a nightmare. You dump ME? Yeah right!" 
Just look at the pictures...... they say it all. 
Karlee, Ive never been more jealous of you. You got out just in time. 


  1. Oh, so this is YOUR fault? Thanks a lot Ash.

    (you know I'm kidding right!) he he

  2. oh man, that is just no fun at all. I am just going to sit here quietly and not mention Omaha's weather today.

  3. AHH!! That's just down right sick and wrong! I'd be DYING AND COMPLAINING TOO! That's ABSOLUTELY rediculous!!! In the meantime, go to the tanning bed and dream of warm weather! Wish you were here to play in our sun! I have SERIOUSLY noticed a change in my attitude since we've left that dang crap!