Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was able to meet up with one of the greatest friends ever, Rachel. She is such a doll. We met for lunch and talked for hours. I adore her so much and am so glad I got to see her. We were roommates back in college.
These two pictures are insane if you know what youre looking at. This is an In and Out burger joint. Just a burger joint and these crazy people were waiting in a 3 hour car line to get up there. CRAZY!!!!! Ive had these burgers and they are OK but not anywhere near worth a 3 hour wait.... one of the reasons I hated Provo; the people are SO WEIRD!!!
This line went all the way around a strip mall.
This is my awesome friend Misty. We used to work together for this very strange lady... hahaha we immediately hit it off and I think she is awesome. She actually twisted her ankle the day before and was in alot of pain but still came out for ice cream with me. What a pal!
Can you see those two little red marks on my hand? haha well that was from hanging out with Josh and Denise. We went shooting at a range and I was reloading my gun clip and when I slamped the clip up my hand was in the way. OUCH! It hurt pretty dang bad. That happened on a Tuesday. Its been over a week and those dots are still there! haha

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  1. I DIED laughing when you said "another reason I hate Provo; the people are weird!" HAHA! So funny yet SOOO true!!