Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Continued.

After our Thanksgiving in AZ (did I mentioned Jared and I got put at the kids table.... haha whats up with that?) we had a dinner with the other side of the family. They are so sweet. This is Gwen, Jareds other sister, Tyler, Jareds stepgrandmother and grandpa and Chris.
In clockwise order here is cousin Joseph, Aunt Becky(sitting), Uncle Dennis, Aunt Jill, Uncle John.
Here is Grandpa and Grandma Arlene again. They are so cute!
Chris and Cindy and Jared back there giving the bunny ears..... mature huh!? haha it was fun though..... more to come later. Im sleepy


  1. It was so nice having you guys here. I can't wait till you come again! Love you!

  2. In the picture is wasn't Aunt Jill, it was Aunt Judy. I know it can get confusing...