Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prayers Needed:

We got some news tonight about my mamaw peg. Apparently she had a mammogram recently and now they want to do a biopsy. I dont know any details yet, but my heart is in limbo until I do. Papa Skip is also having health problems. He will be seeing a kidney specialist because they are only working about 25% of what they should be. Its very stressful for everyone right now, so please keep my wonderful grandparents in your prayers. They're just such wonderful people....

On a much lighter note, my parents bought a Wii game very spontaneously tonight. We got it set up and started playing some games. Its pretty crazy. I absolutely hate video games and think nothing good comes from them AT ALL. I wrote a 10 page dissertation on it in college. But I am warming up to the Wii. Its interesting. I like the bowling and golf type games. Not the war and stupid violent ones Jared seems so attracted to, which i why I personally will NEVER own one.

Anyway, we are all anxious for Christmas and excited. Wish my sis and her family and mamaw peg and papa skip were all here too. I sure miss them... alot. Jared is still looking for jobs. No bites yet. We are still optimistic. Keep ya posted.


  1. I will keep them in my prayers.

    Geoff loves the violent games too! I don't know why...

  2. We'll pray for your grandparents. Hopefully everything will turn out well in the near future. Love you!