Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is here baby!

Mistletoe is fun! hehe

This is our gorgeous Christmas tree!! Mom and I decorated it and it was alot of fun. Its nine feet so we had to use a ladder. We had alot of fun combining our ornaments and making it special for everyone.
Closer up of the tree. I made the bows and the ornaments are so cute! Theres even a Texas Longhorn Snowman on there. hehe awesome!
Our tree topper is so cool I think. We went to the Christmas Place in Nashville and all their trees had all these really neat inserts coming out of the top. So instead of a traditional topper we tried this and we all really liked it. Jared is still getting used to it but he thinks its different. I love Christmas. I love being here with my family and Jared. We are having so much fun!


  1. YAY for a day of picture posting!! LOVE IT!!

  2. Ahhhh, cute smoochie-smoochie!

  3. Wow!! Thanks for all the fabulous updates!! I'm lovin your blog!

    It was SO great to see you! Have a great Christmas my beautiful friend!

  4. I love Christmas, I am way excited to go home on the 21st to celebrate it with my family. I hope you guys do come to tx. sooner than later, I am not a very patient person so you need to hurry ha.