Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010 Photo of the Year!

Our girls WON! Thanks everyone who voted for our sweet girls! We won a FREE photo session and Im so happy! It got a little dicey after all the drama of the contest and I was ready to pull our girls out of the competition altogether. But Jared and Gwen (sister in law) rallied together and got a ton more votes. So then OF COURSE my competitive nature kicked in and I could NOT loose! haha

September 1 really put up a good fight but in all fairness you can't compete with TRIPLETS! haha No seriously, they have a precious looking baby and I wish them well. And I told Jared last night, if I hadn't known ANYone in the pictures I would have voted for March. Nothing is sweeter than a mother with her baby. *Thanks Amy for including our girls in your contest and I hope you won't let this particular contest keep you from doing it again in the future.*

Thanks again everyone! I will let you know when we get our photos done!

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  1. I'm so glad you came back full swing into the competition. Your right, you can't compete with triplets. I'm glad you guys won the contest. I look forward to photographing your girls again.