Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok so every new year people are always talking about their new years resolution..... I hate that phrase. Know why? Usually it coincides with their appearance. Lose weight, get in shape, ect ect. Gym memberships rise like 100% in January.... but heres the funny part: they decline like 70% in February. HA!

So anyway, I am going to call this my Personal Improvement Goal (P.I.G. if you will haha). It came to me watching a classic movie about a month ago: "It's a wonderful life." Most of you know how the movie goes. George Bailey wants nothing more than to leave pitiful Bedford Falls and see the world. He however falls short of that dream and gets married and has a bunch of kids. So of course mortgage, bills, debt ect get in the way of that dream. His guardian angel helps him see things from a different perspective and in the end, his friends and family show him love and charity people only dream about and he understands that his life is truly wonderful the way it is. Anyway, the part in the movie that set off a light bulb for me was in the very last scene. Clarence, the guardian angel, gives George a book and inscribes this message inside of it "No man is a failure who has friends."

That was it. How true is that statement. Anyone who has ever had a really bad day or even something super funny happen to them knows that a friend is the best person to tell about it. Life is more full with friends and family. Life has meaning, purpose. More than that, it is fun. It is reassuring. It is DO-able. So that is what I will try to improve on this year. My friendships. I have said so many times.... "I just don't have that best friend so many people have that I call and talk to once a week or trust to divulge certain problems in my life or just need to talk to when I need "girl time." I had a "woe is me" mentality. (Too be fair I had pretty rough grade school experiences with my "friends" so Im a little weary.) But to have best friends, you need to BE the best friend. Right?

I mean, haha nothing too creepy or anything. I promise I wont be calling my current friends in the middle of the night to talk about what I ate that day or anything like that! But I need to UP my role in friendships I have. The problem will be time. I have VERY little of it. With the girls constantly needing my attention and so many things that need to get done when they are asleep..... so I will have to get creative. But its worth it. I feel like a failure in this aspect of my life and my friends are important to me. They deserve to know and feel that by my actions.

Happy New Year!


  1. That's a great goal! You are loved by many! And no one could blame you for being busy with triplets!! ha ha :) I should probably do the same. I miss you guys!

  2. I consider you a good friend Ashlee...even though I only see you for quick pop-in trips every now and then! :-) Your main focus right now is on your girls and that's completely understandable! As soon as this baby comes and we are more settled I'm going to make sure we get together once in awhile! I need it for my sanity too! I hate that you're down the street and we never see each other. We'll have to both work on that! Good luck with your goal! :-)

  3. So I just read this blog and FELT REALLY BAD :( i know i was part of your really BAD grade school experience! I always think now that I wish we had been closer in school. I wish I could have seen then that you were my only "church bud" and wish that church had been as important to me then as it is now. I REALLY regret that we were cousins and not closer than we were. I guess thing work out that way for a reason. Anyways I just wanted to let you know...... :) -Kodie