Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots going on with triplets!

Mia on the left in brown and Charlotte on the right in blue. Got to get our tummy time cranked up!
Abigail on the left in cream and Mia in brown. Roll over girls!! PLEASE!

This week was a big one for the girls! They turned 6 months old! I still cant believe it. SIX MONTHS OLD! Wow! They went to the doctor this week AND had their first experience with food.

We had Grandma Toone here this week to help us out with the girls and looks like she brought the snow all the way from Utah with her. Ha! We got a ton of it but we've enjoyed it, especially mom because she has gotten some freebie days from work off. The girls have so enjoy spending time with Grandma and we appreciate ALL her help! Looks like we gave her a cold this trip too. Sorry!

We went to the doctor on Friday and everyone is doing great. Abigail is my chunkiest at 17.11. Mia is right behind her (as always) at 17.6. And Charlotte is the most proportion at 17.1. They are in the 97th percentile for weight. haha Good eaters! For height they are in the 75th percentile so doing great there too. They checked out ok, everything looked great and got their 6 month shots as well. The only thing that is giving us concern at this point is the fact that they still are not rolling over at will. The doctor is suggesting physical therapy which he says is typical of premies. The thing is I know they COULD roll over if they wanted to. They just honestly don't have the motivation to. HA! When I work with them on the floor I start it off and they do the rest (90%) of the work. So if they would just initiate it, we would be okay. I will give them a few more weeks and then start worrying about it. They just need more floor time I think.

The doctor also gave us the go ahead to start real food this week! I am actually making my own baby food. I already made zucchini, squash, sweet potato, peas, apples and pears. I froze them so that I would be ready to go when I got the go ahead from the doc. (They stay good for 2 months in the freezer.) This has been so fun for me to do for my girls. My mom bought me this awesome baby food making kit for Christmas and I've just loved it. Its healthier than jarred food, tastes better AND MUCH CHEAPER! haha I can make it ahead of time and freeze it or refrigerate it. And it will be so much easier to get the girls to eat the foods Jared and I eat as I can just puree and grind up whatever we eat at the table for them when they get older. I really feel like this will help them eat healthier and not be such picky eaters. And will really push me to stay out of the fast food lanes as much as possible.

Anyway, I chose zucchini as our first experience. Its mild in flavor and fairly runny without adding milk to it. It was a little sketchy at first. They really didn't like the flavor initially. It set off the gag reflexes. But Mia and Charlotte ended up finishing all 2 ounces of it. Abigail only ate about half. The next day we tried it again but this time Charlotte and Mia seemed to really enjoy it. Abigail still isn't sure about it and is only eating about half. They get it again today and I think our next veggie will be squash since its so similar to zucchini, it will be an easier transition. So all in all, doing great so far. Now they are getting an 8 ounce bottle in the morning. 7 1/2 ounces at noon with the 2 ounces of veggies. 8 ounce bottle at 4. And 7 1/2 ounce bottle at night with rice cereal mixed with apple juice. We tried the baby oatmeal and it was NOT a good experience. So we went back to the rice cereal. They are growing up so dang fast!

Here are some pics and videos to enjoy!

Here is Abigail NOT enjoying her first taste of zucchini:

Here is Mia not sure about her zucchini:

And Charlotte gaging on zucchini:


  1. So cute! I can see Jared in them, for sure.

  2. I love the videos! Babies first try with food is always so funny! And I'm glad to see they're chunky monkeys like their daddy was!