Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our White Christmas in Alabama

Mamaw Peg and Papa Skip enjoying their Christmas presents.

I am so far behind in postings. Agh... I hate being behind because I forget so many details that make the blogs interesting. Since the New Year has rung its bells Jared and myself have had VERY little sleep. The girls have been battling colds and adjusting to new foods and have not thought it necessary to let us sleep. Very very....

I will start with Christmas in this blog and will continue with the rest later with other blogs. I am so tired so I hope this all makes sense. (haha I just typed "since" and realized it was the wrong type of sense... haha)

It was a white Christmas for us this year in Alabama. So exciting! We got a TON of it (for the south anyway). It was so beautiful. Maranda and her family came up to stay with us and it was such a treat for her kiddos because they have NEVER been in snow before! And her oldest is almost 9 years old. So they really enjoyed it. Christmas Eve wasn't a good night (no need to go into details) but Jared and I tried to salvage it by reading the Christmas story in our scriptures and then opening up each others presents. It was peaceful and sweet. Christmas Day was better. We had snow and food and gifts for all. Again, I don't remember the details very much but it was nice. We spoke to my dad in Afghanistan and Jared's parents over Skype.

The girls made out great! They got a lot of clothes (I cant believe my babies are already in 6-9 month!) They also got great books and toys from the grandparents. Their favorite present though seems to be the jumperoo that Aunt Ran gave them! They love it and take turns using it. I did pretty good myself. Jared bought me new sheets and an ice cream maker that attaches to my KitchenAid. I also got super cute cowboy boots and a watch. From the inlaws Jared and I got an awesome camera/recorder. So we all got great stuff this year. Christmas seemed to go super fast for me. With the girls being here this year it was much busier and harder to just relax and enjoy the season but was such a treat sharing our first Christmas as a family.

Heres a video of little Mia and another of our Christmas morning. More to come later. I wasn't able to take very many pictures on Christmas because well Im ALWAYS holding or close to a baby so it makes it very hard to do 400 things at once! haha



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