Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday, New Years

So for my 26TH! birthday we (meaning my mom) decided we should all go out to dinner. Maranda and her family were still in town and her husband Geoff and I share the same birthday. So we loaded EVERYONE up and headed to a restaurant. It was a hibachi restaurant and it was really yummy. However, I had to hold a baby the whole time and so did Jared and so did my mom. They wouldn't stay in their car seats so by the end of the meal my back and shoulders were killing me! haha Then we came home and ate so super yummy ice cream cake my mom picked up. Its really not that bad going out with the girls as long as you have PLENTY of adults. And just like Christmas, it seemed much more exhausting this year than last so not as much fun. Theres just not time to say "ok, its my birthday, i think I will go to the mall and shop." or "I feel like singing super loud in my room and dancing like a crazy person." Theres always something to do baby related and it has to get done. Which is awesome but takes some adjusting and sacrifice. I cant wait until holidays and birthdays become more fun because the girls are old enough to enjoy it. That will be so much fun.

Same scenario for New Years. My mom, Jared and I watched a movie on PayPerView. Which took almost 3 1/2 hours after stopping the movie a million times to play with the girls, and feed them, and get them to sleep, ect ect. By 1130 I was EXHAUSTED.... but I made it! I made it to midnight and was asleep by 1205! hahaha So having the girls really changes things. But again, its not TOO overwhelming as long as you have enough people to RELIEVE the parents every once in a while. Which is why Im so grateful for all the help I have. There are just no words to explain how wonderful it is. Im so blessed.

Again, I am so far behind in posting I am forgetting all the details. Im just trying to get the bulk of it out so that my brain can TRY to remember the little things! haha

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