Friday, January 14, 2011


For some reason this stubborn video took me FOREVER to upload. Anyway, it finally made it on here. Its Mia LOVING her jumperoo Aunt Ran got her for Christmas. SO CUTE!


On a few side notes, the girls ended up loving zucchini. All of them. Today I gave them sweet potato. Abigail and Mia loved it. They would giggle every time they got a spoon full. Charlotte however wasn't sure about the texture. Its a lot thicker than she's used to but she still ate it. So Im sure by the end of this week she will be lovin it to.

Also, I bought this really cute bath tub for the girls. Its a blow up tub that fits in the bathtub. It is so cute! I was SO excited to try the girls out it in..... so i did last night. And oh dear. As soon as I put Abigail in it she started crying. And it was a scared cry. So sad. So I had to get her outta there ASAP. Charlotte like it a lot better but I found out the tub is really for babies who can sit up really well. I thought they could lean back and relax but its just too scary for them. So it was a total bust. We are back to our infant bath tub. But I think I will start bathing them in that, in our tub. I used to do it on our kitchen table so its easier on my back but they have started splashing and kicking so much and making a HUGE mess EVERYWHERE! This way when they splash, its in the tub. haha

The grandparents will arrive today! YEAH! We are so excited. I need a shower! HA!

**Keep voting everyone, the girls are barely in first place right now! But voting doesn't end till January 24th. We can do it!!**

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  1. They giggled when you fed them sweet potato! That is so CUTE!