Thursday, January 27, 2011

Church Time!

Charlotte is the only one who hasn't grown back her hair yet so she still has to wear the bands. And she hates them. HA! But she's so flippin cute!
Abigail looks mad in this picture but is really just working on her angry model pose! haha
Mia getting a little tummy time with Sophie before we head out.

So church is now always difficult to get to and from. We have ALL been going for a few weeks now but I leave with the girls after sacrament meeting. When we have my grandparents here it goes pretty smoothly. When we don't.... it doesn't. The girls are pretty good during the meeting but its in the middle of their naptime. Therefore, their sleep schedule gets thrown off a bit and they are a bit cranky by the time they get home. And Im exhausted.

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