Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 9th Month!

6 weeks old.

Couple of weeks ago.

Today my babies are 9 months old! I can NOT believe how fast time is going. They started out so tiny, so very tiny. And now they are seriously chunky monkeys. I have loved every single minute with these girls. I get to be a part of a miracle every day and I am truly honored to be their mother.

They have put me through the refiners' fire these past nine months. I want so much to be the best "me" for them. I have become a much more patient, loving, nuturing, organized, creative and resourceful person in just nine months. I'm not perfect, by any means, and its a constant battle for me. I just love them with all my being. Happy 9th month girls! Mommy loves you Charlie Bean, Mia Bia, & Abragail!

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  1. They are growing up so fast!!! And they are so beautiful! I miss you! p.s. this is Kimberly not Tyler hahaha