Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

My sweet neighbor bought the girls these dresses a few months ago and I thought they would make the PERFECT Easter dresses. I was right! HA! Our church starts at 930 am which stinks cause the girls go down for their nap at 900 am. So since its during their nap, we weren't able to go for Easter Sunday. I am totally bummed about it, but not sure how to get around it. Anyway, I put them in their dresses anyway because Mimi bought them the cutest Easter baskets with their names on them and I HAD to take pictures outside! They aren't professional BY ANY MEANS but I think they turned out pretty cute... considering.

Abigail, Charlotte, Mia (in that order):




Tehehe the sun was really bright and Charlotte wasn't a fan of it!

**A side funny/scary story about Charlotte during our "photo shoot:" While Charlotte was waiting her turn to get her picture taken, she would fall down on her belly and stick her face in the grass. She was trying to eat it. Anyway, while we were doing our group shots she started sneezing and coughing a ton. I thought she was just reacting to allergies, ect. So I took her inside and sucked out her nose and since it was running so much I wiped it down with a kleenex. When I did that the tissue caught hold of a blade of grass (no kidding) 3 inches long and pulled it out of Charlotte's nose! She must have swallowed it and then sucked it up her nose somehow. It was crazy!! I kept the piece of grass too, but thats weird right? I prolly wont keep it but its a pretty funny reminder.

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