Thursday, May 26, 2011

I got sunshine.

They love playing outside. We lay out a blanket and their toys and give them a snack and water. They just have a ball. Its the simple things.

Me and Mama Mia
I just have so much fun with these three. Today I was on the floor with them and they just launched themselves at me. They were pulling my hair and climbing over me. They interact with me and each other so well now. Its a blast. They mimic what I do and they pull at each other's shirts to get whatever design is on them. Its just priceless.

Well it happened. I knew it would one day. And its here.... today. Charlotte stood up. Thats right folks. She can now stand herself up in her crib. I was just getting used to them crawling around and now she's standing up. I can not believe how fast this goes by.

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