Monday, May 23, 2011


Last night Jared and I watched a program on the discovery channel that was all about the tornados that swept through the south in April. I was brought to tears a few times just thinking about how close we came to having our lives completely destroyed. We actually had an F5 tornado behind our house. The meteorologists actually call that the finger of God. There was a story about a woman who was home alone and her three children were taking their afternoon nap. Her house was literally picked up and swirled around and dropped off a block away from its origins. Miraculously, she and her children were still alive.

It made me think about the awful feeling I had in my gut when Jared drove off to DC not two weeks before the tornados hit. It felt so wrong and I was just so depressed when he left. He was having the same feelings and decided to come home just a week after being there. He came back on a Sunday. The tornados came on Wednesday. Heavenly Father watches out for His children. There is no other reason to explain it. I was just so humbled watching this program thinking about how we had literally been spared. So very grateful for prayer and for the power of the priesthood. If an experience like that doesn't prove God exists.... nothing will.

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