Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movin' and Snarlin'

I told you I would get a video with Abi doing one of her cute things. Well, here you go! She loves to squish her nose up and just blow out. It is hilarious. See for yourself.

Here is another one of Abi making her face, but it also shows Charlotte doing her FREAKING hilarious crawl. She refuses to crawl like a normal baby. She crawls like she's an injured solider. You'll understand after you see it.


  1. We love it! Thank you for posting! We don't comment much because we are technologically impaired, but we ALWAYS check your blog. Lisa says that we are stalkers. I guess she's right, haha.

    Charlie's crawl is so funny -- injured soldier is really accurate. Abi's face is just so cute! Mia's growl with her grandma is so precious. Your mom is really going to miss all of her girls. We will miss our girl too.

    We love you!

    -Mom and Dad Toone

  2. Injured soldier is right! Lol! How cute, and I loved that Abi was grunting along with you.