Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One week and counting.

At exactly 1130 this morning it will be one week without power here in Alabama. The first couple of days we didn't have ANYTHING! Now that we have a generator we have most stuff. Except we don't have heat or AC, the use of the oven or microwave and our dryer. So we can't wash clothes, cause we can't dry them. And we are cooking everything on the grill, which is actually very tasty (and healthy).

Monday was super hot. In the 80s and muggy cause it was getting ready to rain (you southerns know what Im talking about). And without AC it was INCREDIBLY miserable! Yesterday and last night it was freezing cold. In the 40s. So now I have jackets on the girls and in my sweats. Crazy. The news said last night that 95% of residents will have power by this morning. The other 5% won't because they were the closest to the tornado damage.... guess what percentage I fall under.... Yep! That 5%. Hopefully it wont be too much longer. Im running out of clothes.

Also, unrelated, my girls' pictures are finally ready from their 9 month photo session. Just go to this link and click on Ashlee Toone at the top.

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