Wednesday, February 25, 2009

60 degrees?

Holy cow! Did it really get up to 60 degrees yesterday? Man, it was wonderful! Utah is so much more pleasant when I don't feel like my eyes are going to freeze in their sockets or I might loose a toe to frost bit. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I love heat. Humidity too but I cant be too picky while in Utah. Just wanted to express my enthusiasm for this wonderful weather we are having. I don't even mind the rain. I actually like the rain, especially the sound of it. Its very therapeutic. Yeah for Spring!


  1. Hey, can we make comments on here? Karly couldn't for some reason...

  2. Yeah it got up to 82 degrees this week. Today it got down to 50 today. Well, Luv the updates keep it coming and gatta go watch amazin race
    Luv to you both

  3. I am so glad you have a blog now, how long have you had it? Anyways I completely agree with your "60 degree" post, I am so tired of the cold...bring on the heat, that's what I say. Logan is so cold, and every once in a while it will tease us with warmth! I need Spring. Hey remember to add yourself as a "follower" on my blog so I can have your blog saved k. Thanks