Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas (I know, its late)

Karen and Jace New Years Eve (karen was tired cause shes pregnant)
My BEAUTIFUL niece Natalie, eatin a sandwich!
Papa Skip and Nathan playing a computer game.
Baby Nicholas, my youngest nephew
Mama opening up her present.
Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Todd, me and jared
My sis Randa
Playing Oh Heck with mama, mamaw and papa skip
Little Cocoa! Aint she cute!

So I know Christmas was a couple of months ago, but Im just now uploading those pictures to the computer. Jared and I went to Alabama Christmas day and spent about a week and a half with my family. It was awesome (and so much warmer than provo!) haha We did alot of traveling while we were there. We drove to Texas so I could visit my grandparents and sister with her family. Then we drove to Georgia for New Years so that we could visit that side of the family as well. LOTS of traveling! My parents got the cutest puppy for Christmas, a mini Schnauzer. They named her Cocoa. Shes adorable. Anyway, we had a blast and i CAN NOT wait to see my parents in April! They dropped me off in Idaho four and a years ago, so it seems fitting they should get me outta here! hehehe jk! It is ironic though. I honestly didn't think i would make it through that semester much less 4 1/2 years of being here! haha So here are some Christmas photos!

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  1. Oh! Cute puppy!!! She reminds me of our Taj... sniff