Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Jared and I had a blast with Cali and Geoff! We love hanging out with them so much. I swear i had to pee like twenty times from laughing so hard! hahaha  We had a fondue party with them. We had cheese fondue with bread and apples. And we had a french dip for the steak and chicken. Then we had chocolate fondue for strawberries and bananas. It was SO yummy! Cali also made some red velvet cupcakes that were so amazing! After we ate we played a couple of "grown up" games that were so much fun. We had such a great time guys, as usual! Here are some pics:


  1. Ha! Don't you love seeing pictures of yourself and going, "Is that really what my hair looks like??"

    How come I don't see any pictures of YOU up here!! he he he

  2. Your house is gorgeous! You did a great job decorating. Looks like you guys had a fun night. I like the name of the game you guys played. *wink*wink*

  3. Thanks so much! Yea those games were alot of fun. Dirty Minds and Sexy Slang. Not for the shy or faint of heart let me tell ya! hahaha