Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random stuff from the past few years

Here is a pic of me while we were in New York on our honeymoon! I think this is Washington Square... right by NYU if I remember.

This is our last day there, we are up on top of the Rockefeller center, it has an amazing view! I of course liked the view in this shot the best...!

This is when we ran into my cousin Spencer in New York, he was a ton of fun for the little while we hung out. He really helped make it a much better time from all the area advice he gave. He told us the coolest things to see, and where to go so we didn't wast time on the stuff that wasn't as cool.

This was while we were engaged, and selling Pest Control for Jared Brown. He took the whole office on a vacation down to Schliderbaun the water park, and San Antonio. This is a shot of Ashlee as we were doing the riverwalk. It was so pretty there!

Ok, check this out. Ashlee's Nana made this for our wedding reception we had in New Boston. All of that is fruit! Isn't that pretty amazing?

This was when we went to St Louis for my birthday. We Stayed in this really cool hotel, and we went and did sealings at the Temple. All in all it was pretty fun, but a lot of downtown looked pretty ghetto...
Ashlee said I needed to put this one up.
I love water skiing! Wish I could do it more...
This is a picture of Ashlee just after we had started dating, and while I was in Texas but she was in Idaho. She sent it to me over the summer... no wonder I fell head over heels! Is it just me or does she look amazing!?
The picture above is a picture of ashlee as we are going to the formal dinner on the cruise we went on a while ago... I like that dress alot! I need to talk her into wearing it more often.

This is us at the airport going in to change our clothes for the set of next picturesShe looks spectacular doesn't she?

I'm pretty lucky!
This is her getting ready for our wedding, she was up way early, I got to sleep in... man weddings are hard on girls, they put a ton of work in!
Doin her makeup!

So I thought I'd just put something up. you know cause we don't really have anything on here... yeah we're not the best bloggers...

Here are a few of my favorite pics of us over the last several years, and we're going to do better about bringing a camera around with us and actually updating this thing!


  1. You guys are so cute! I remember when Ashlee bought that dress, we all loved it too.

  2. Jared- you are so cute. All I have to say is "HOTTIE!" about that picture of Ashlee through the window. Hubba, hubba! Yeah, I know. I'm a dork!