Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok so there are a few things I have to get off my chest about this. First of all, I, like many of you, became absolutely addicted to the Twilight books. I read the first three books all in one weekend and was on pins and needles until the last one FINALLY came out. I've read all four book three times total. They are so hypnotizing. I get lost in the characters and the plot of the story. Let's face it girls, we fantasize about impossible situations where our man always comes out triumphant. (doesn't hurt that he is freakin' hot and indestructible either huh?)
However, when it came to the movie I have to say it was the worst thing since movies like "She's All That" and "Teen Witch." It was a cheap CW version of what could have been a very magical fantasy. HORRIBLE! I've heard all this hype about the movie and I'm just wondering if everyone else is nuts for loving it or if I'm nuts for seemingly being the ONLY one who hates it. Come on you guys! "Hang on Spider-Monkey?" Are you kidding me with a line like that? 
To me, the movie robbed a lot from the actual book. It made us Twilight fans seem very juvenile and childish, which ironically is what makes Twilight so endearing. Only when your young of heart and soul can you actually appreciate love like Bella and Edward's. But this teeny bopper of a movie distorted that into something laughable and potentially the worst attempt at portraying characters of any book. In all honesty, I feel that I could have more successfully directed that film with my eyes closed. Not because I think I would be good at it, but because I think ANYONE could have done it better.
Ok, Im sorry if I offended any Twilight movie fans (sorry Ran), but I think we should all face the facts that the movie was an pitiful attempt at filmography.  Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Hear hear. I totally agree. Especially with a movie that was so anticipated, they could've made a killing if it had been done better.

  2. Well, let me rock your world and tell you that I never saw the movie because I thought the book was SOOOO AWEFUL and stalkerish! I read the first 432 pages of Twilight waiting and waiting for it to get better and finally I got sick of waiting and said FORGET IT! I've never looked back and never even cared to try again! I think I'm one of the VERY few that feel this way about the book...go ahead call me crazy!

  3. I love your enthusiasm, you're halarious. Let me just say Twilight is probably one of the corniest movies, I have ever seen. What's up with the "Spider Monkey" and "Monkey Man" comments? I agree the book was a 1,000 times better, but for some reason I love that movie and have watched it like a million times, I think its the fact that it brings my Twilight characters to life. I don't know why I like it I laugh at it the entire time. Tyler and I make fun of it constantly, but for some reason it has me hooked! Who knows, I am just a sucker for corny movies. Hopefully New Moon is much much better!