Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Grey's Anatomy used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. It's true. Unfortunately, they've become so liberal I can't stomach watching it anymore. Anyway, I came across this jewel from back when I used to record every episode. I remember sobbing watching it then and I got pretty emotional watching it again. She is singing to herself and her family fighting for her life. (the girl thats singing is the same girl on the hospital bed close to death for those who don't follow Grey's).

(oh and, yes mom, thats a woman singing to her lesbian lover. Sorry.) Its still really beautiful.


  1. I still watch. "Don't judge me because I sin differently then you" ;)

  2. It's such a relief to hear that someone else is also very annoyed with all the liberalness on Grey's. ABC is always throwing that stuff in. Boo! Too bad, cause it's such an addicting guilty pleasure.