Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part One

Get ready for a video overload! I took 10 videos on the girls this week (only posting six though). I guess I just think they are sooo cute! haha

Mia has these moments where she just wants to hug and has been doing it so much this week! Its just so precious. I caught it on video, thankfully.

Today the girls were doing the cutest thing! They started a game all on their own. This is a first. They do stuff together all the time but this is the first time I found them playing together as a game all silly. It was hilarious! I must say though, this started with Mia dragging Abbi around by the hand. Luckily, Abbi thought it was funny so she let her. HA! Oh Dear.


  1. OOOOHmygosh, this is just too cute. It's like their own version of Ring around the Rosie. I was squealing with delight as I watched all the videos. They are just SO CUTE!

  2. That is SO darling!! I love their hair in pigtails!! They are so kind to each other. (most of the time????) It's fantastic that Mis hugging... much better than biting!! Grandma