Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Charlotte!

We pierced Charli's ears today! HA! Totally spur of the moment and I called it quits like three times before it was final but Jared made me stick to it. As soon as they put the sanitizer on Bean's ears, she freaked! Poor thing just started crying. And when the lady got the marker out to mark her ears, oh boy... no way jose! I had to hold her head with one hand and mark her ear myself with the other! ha Luckily, there were two girls there and they pierced both ears at once while I held her head straight and Jared distracted her. The twins were busy eating their lolly pops they got from the ladies so they were troopers! Anyway, here we go with cleaning them three times a day for 6 weeks... Joy! The twins will probably be next weekend. We shall see.


  1. I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but, I think it's sad that you call the identicals "the twins" and the other one just her name. I couldn't imagine categorizing my triplets that. I would think that my two identicals would gain a complex about it and my non identical would feel really left out. My kids are 6 right now, so they'd notice more. They are triplets not the twins and the other sibling. You had three at the same time. Those are triplets, not twins. Twins are only two. It doesn't matter that you have two identical and one fraternal. They're triplets. Just something to think about.

    And you're brave for piercing her ears! I didn't want to deal with the cleaning, so we're waiting until they can take care of it themselves. Super cute though!

  2. The things we do for beauty. Thanks for sharing.