Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Week!

Last weekend Jared and I had Abbi's and Mia's ears pierced. Abbi went first. Then we got Mia in the hot seat and while we were lining up her markings jared starts complaining that Abbi's piercings weren't even. I took a good look at them and sure enough they weren't even. We went ahead and did Mia's ears though, risky I know but thankfully hers turned out perfect. Both girls were really brave. Charli, however, was in the stroller just a cryin' away like she was about to get stuck again. Silly girl. After serious debate we decided to take out the obviously uneven ear piercing and left in the other one that looked fine. So now the poor child has only one ear pierced, for now. We have to wait for it to heal before we can re pierce it. Poor girl.... We will do that this weekend coming up. Drama Drama Drama...

I have to just mention this about Charli because its well, hilarious, to me. I am a germ-a-phob. Its pretty crazy but I've really tried to lighten up, sometimes. But I really freak out when we go to super child friendly places like a Bounce House or the park. I always wipe down the shopping carts and wash my hands ASAP after shopping. I have about four bottles of hand sanitizer that I carry with me at all times and I always put a bunch on the girls' hands after the park or basically after getting in the car coming home from anywhere. haha Now Charlotte has gotten so used to it that she whines and whines and rubs her hands together (meaning I need hand sanitizer mom!) just about every time we get in the car. It makes me laugh so hard that I passed on my craziness to my first born... HA!

Finally, I wanted to report about what a great week I've had with my girls. We didn't go anywhere really, until the weekend, but I just felt my attitude change and I got through our tantrums and throw downs a little bit easier this week. It felt so great. It was still a tough week but was so much more pleasant by letting things roll off and I prayed super hard this week for extra help (and Im sure I had lots of family prayers my way after my "venting" post) which I know made all the difference. It was just a great week that ended with a great weekend with Jared. We went to the splash pad, ran errands, visited the pet store to see the dogs and cats and ate out on Saturday. Had a great Sunday at church and then the park. Just a great week!


Here's a video of Abbi's ears.

This is one of the games we played this week. It was so funny to watch them try to bend over "pregnant." HA! They are too funny!

To change things up I gave them a simple cup and spoon. It is now the favorite toy! HA! Who knew? Mia will say "Please? Cup? Please?" So sweet!

Another activity from this week. This kept them entertained for a good twenty minutes. Good workout too!

They love "movie" time! Little Einsteins is a favorite!


  1. Little Einsteins was a favorite of mine when I was little.

  2. I LOVE Charlotte's kicking leg deal!! So cute. What precious little girls! Ashlee, you are a wonderful mother. And Jared is an awesome dad. Mom and Dad