Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom Update

Most of you know by now that my parents were in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. Thankfully, they are both relatively ok. My mom had to have surgery on her foot that night from a compound fracture. They had to put a plate and screws in it and she was discharged today. She's in a lot of pain and we are all praying infection didn't set in. We should know sometime next week. My dad is considerably sore and banged up but fine all in all. He hasn't left her side for one minute. We are all so incredibly grateful that they are alive and "healable." I hate motorcycles, always have and Im just so relieved Heavenly Father was watching over them.

Unfortunately that means our Easter trip to New Boston is now cancelled. Mom, understandably, is in too much pain and needs her rest to heal properly. Im so proud of her for taking care of herself. Mamaw Peg and Papa Skip (the angels in our family) are on their way to help nurse her. Again, we are just grateful they are both okay and pray that mom has a speedy recovery.

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  1. we are glad that they are doing well, and are praying for a speedy recovery. we will keep them in our prayers