Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Prep & Get Well Soon

Our plans were completely changed for Easter (but as long as my parents are ok, Im okay with rescheduling our trip). So this year we are just going to hang out here. Im planning a egg hunt in the backyard for tomorrow and of course the Easter bunny will be visiting us tonight. I bought each of the girls a book, a bottle of bubbles, a magna doodle (this was to help entertain on the trip really), and of course candy (just M&Ms though). My mom bought the girls these adorable ducks with rain slickers. So cute! Im so excited to see their little faces unwrap their goodies!

I bought the girlies these bunny ears that they liked for about ten minutes. Ha! Luckily they were only a dollar. Charli wouldn't put them on for a picture so this was the only way I could get one. haha

The girls and I made my mom a little Get Well Card. I painted their hands and put their hand print on the inside along with these pictures. Also I printed out a flower color page and let them each color one and cut them out and put them on the front. They turned out pretty corny but she liked it so thats all that matters.




By the way, my girls love Mama Mia (the movie) but mostly the music. Either way, Im THRILLED! its pretty much one of my favorite movies ever!

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  1. LOVE Mia's wrinkled up nose in the picture! mom and dad