Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part Two

Mia Bia... This child is so funny (good and bad)... She is the sweetest most precious angel, half the time. The other part of Mia is quite scary. She just randomly has these outbursts where she gets so frustrated that the only thing she knows to do is BITE! She has the worst tantrums... Its exhausting and beyond disheartening.

Anyway, (sorry about the complaining, Im coming off a rough day) here is one of her sweetest angel moments. She loves to sing and it melts my heart quicker than anything. And she's actually pretty dang good!

Our first attempt was in vain. HA! She said NO!

Our second attempt was so good! Notice on "SO" she's on the same note as me. Im telling you, she's gonna be good!

1 comment:

  1. It sounded like so la te were all on pitch to me; perhaps I didn't hear her all, though. She should really have some musical genes in her. They all do. Yeah~~~Grandma