Sunday, April 15, 2012

So much in love....

On our walk one day the girls saw these wildflowers and started doing their version of the sign for flower. So funny they do it completely different than what it really is but I know exactly what they mean. Ha! Anyway, I picked a flower for each girlie and they loved them. They held them the entire walk and when we got home I put them in their hair. Abbi wouldn't leave hers in (surprise) but the others thought it was so neat. I love my girlies!

Beautiful Abbi

Charli was nervous to move so that the flower wouldn't fall out.

Dont pout Mia! HA!

After an afternoon at the splashpad. Getting some water and a snack with towels on their heads. Hehe little shepard girls.

They have all loved sitting in their chairs lately too. I think it makes them feel big. They are so cute in them too. And they actually sat in the chairs with their names on it. Ha! Way to go!

We tried to get Abbi's ears pierced this weekend but the line was like an hour long and the lady was going sooo slow. So we ditched it and will try again this week. My mom got a cast on Monday and has to stay off her foot for 2 weeks. Then she will go back to the doc and get a walking cast to wear for a month I think. Then, hopefully, she should be healed. She's in alot of pain most days and I hate that for her. Wish she could be here with us...

We are so close to buying a van! Just deciding between a few good options and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will have decided! YEAH! We have had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday I was able to go to our Stake Relief Society Conference and it was really great to have a whole morning without babies, just adults. Then the rest of the weekend was all about the girls. They've had a great weekend too. We love our days with our daddy!

Mia is such a little singer lately. She loves to sing all our songs and it is the cutest, sweetest thing. I will be getting it on video this week! She can do the "Do, Ray, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do" song too. Precious. Charlotte is adjusting well to her earrings and they are healing up nicely. Abbi has been pretty fussy this week. Jared hasn't been feeling well so we think she might feel a little under the weather too. They are just growing and doing so much everyday. Its a wonder and a privilege to witness it.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful videos!! They make our day. We love watching the girls and how kindly you two interact with them. We are so impressed with how much love is in your family. We love you, mom and dad

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