Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swim Fun

We bought the girls a plastic swimming pool this weekend (we keep getting more white trashy huh?) haha all well. They loved it. The water is freaking cold but after an hour or so it warms up from the heat.

Abbi was the only one brave enough to sit down in the cold water. HA! The other two were NOT sitting. I think Charlotte was more afraid of the water being high up to her chest but Mia doesn't like cold water.

"Ready for the pool mom!" - Mia

Charli and Abbi are ready!

Love my girls...


  1. sweet little girls, looks like they are having a lot of fun in the pool. they are growing up way to fast.

  2. Oh my gosh! I know I say this every time I comment, but... THEY ARE SO CUTE! They get cuter with every day that passes, I swear! I love the little 'doo-doo' thing Charli was saying, and I love them in their grown up toddler outfits, and that last picture with all of them laying down is perfect; I've made it the background on my computer. AH! I want to come see you guys so badly!

  3. And I forgot to mention: I'm impressed - they're keeping their sunglasses on now! :D That's adorable, too.

  4. What lovely lovely girls! I love listening to them talk. We miss you and love you!! Grandma

  5. I LOVE Charlette's do doo song!