Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part 3

Here we have something that started out so fun. We colored for a good half hour and they were loving it. It was great. Until.... I took the crayons away. They were starting to get rambunctious with the colors and I knew they were getting bored. So I took them away and my goodness... Chaos ensued. You can see in the video Charlotte was already on one that day and heaven help me. This started one of THE WORST throw downs for ALL THREE of them! I actually had to go outside for a minute and catch my breath. We have been having these random unexpected moments lately where things are perfect and sweet one second and DEADLY and TYRANNICAL the next! Its been almost more than I can bare sometimes. I've actually hit my knees in the middle of these throw downs and prayed for help because I didn't know what else to do.... Anyway, enjoy the prequel to the nightmare.

And here we have my girlies in their SO cute rain boots Mimi bought for them. Its hilarious to me when I say "We're going to the grocery store." And Mia says "NO!" haha Thats her favorite word lately.

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  1. What beautiful girls!! They are so cute with the "bracelets". Abi's necklace totally cracked us up!! Do you think they are all right handed? It looks like it when they're coloring...
    I do believe you have some 2 year olds coming on. My two year olds favorite words were NO. So Mia is totally normal, just a little precocious. (Or a lot, as are Charlotte and Abi.) Love you, Grandma